Monday, July 6, 2009

Mysticats Show, Fitchberg, Massachusetts

This is our Photo Room at the Mysticats cat show in Fitchberg, Massachusetts. The cat show was held in an empty ice rink and our shooting room was a locker room off of the ice rink. It was perfect! We sealed off the bathroom/shower entrance so any escaping cats wouldn't find that area fascinating (making them hard to catch and return to the shooting table). It worked out well. You can see Keira in the doorway, as she was helping us unload our gear at the very beginning of setting up on Friday before the show.

I loved the graphic look of this image, with the lone red chair and Keira grinning in the doorway.

Keira was a big help to Ken setting up. She and her husband, Truong, graciously offered their home to us and hosted us for a week while we were in Massachusetts. We even had a private sitting Salon in their garage.

One of the many memorable places that Keira and Truong turned us on to was D'Angelo's --

D'Angelo's had the most wonderful lobster bisque! During the setup of our gear on Friday, Keira, Ken and Keira's girls (Malina and Serina) went to eat lunch down the road from the showhall at D'Angelo's. It was cold in June in Fitchberg. Nothing at all like Texas weather! We wore sweaters to cut the chill! Lobster bisque was a quick and tasty lunch again during the show on Saturday and Sunday (thanks to Keira's husband, Truong, for bringing it to us on both days -- he is a Prince of a Fellow!) I liked this soup so much that I took a shot of their sign! If you ever get a chance to eat here while in Fitchberg, try their lobster bisque!

All of Massachusetts had delightful flowers, many of which I had never seen before. Here are some that looked like purple clover, growing along the road in Fitchberg.