Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Flying Backgrounds

These are the backgrounds we fly with:

Row 1:  Black and Imperial Blue
Row 2:  Blue-Teal and Plush Spruce
Row 3:  Green Felt and Peat Moss
Row 4:  Chocolate and Claret
Row 5:  Plush Purple and Periwinkle

Backgrounds - And Their Names

These are the backgrounds we drive with.

Row 1:  Black, Charcoal and Navy Blue
Row 2:  Imperial Blue, Caribe Blue and Blue-Teal
Row 3:  Teal, Plush Spruce and Green Felt
Row 4:  Sage, Peat Moss and Bark
Row 5:  Chocolate, Paprika and Claret
Row 6:  Burgundy, Magenta and Plush Purple
Row 7:  Purple and Periwinkle