Sunday, February 14, 2010

Popular Photography and My Valentine

Bushwah and Helmi, Photo by Ken Flick

I am pleased to announce that a short article about us will be in the April 2010 issue of Popular Photography! A phone interview happened before we left for the Jersey State cat show in January and a photographer, Thomas Singer and his wife Pamela, came to that show to grab a portrait for the article.

I waited to post this information until I knew it was going to happen. We got the galleys yesterday and will correct and send them back on Monday (tomorrow). The title of the article is "It's Like Herding Cats" and will appear on the stands in mid March.

Wow! What a compliment. To be recognized for my photography! This is where I have to thank my Valentine, love of my life, my husband -- Ken -- who does my lighting, is my cat wrangler, techie, roadie, makes my coffee in the morning and treats me like a queen. I owe him for all my success. He is the unsung hero of the two of us. None of the shots I get of cats are possible without him. I am only the one who presses the shutter. He is the maestro, but I get all the credit. How cool is that!

So this is my little Valentine to him. Honey, thank you for the gift of my career and finding a job we could do together. I adore you. :)