Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Packing for Providence RI

Ken called me to come into the living room, saying "you gotta see something" ... And whenever he does that, I know it's a kitty in a pose that will just melt your heart. This time it was Zak, our Blue and White Maine Coon, who had found a comfortable place inside one of our new "flying" cases on top of our Imperial Blue (just washed for the show). I saw, returned to the studio to get my camera, and then called his name when I got back to the living room. This little sad peek was all he gave me. He hates it when we go out of town, so I take the time to give him extra attention before we leave.

Click on the photo to see the image larger and really get a good look

at the chaos in our house when we have to fly with our gear!

Above is a long shot of the living room, with two of our three new flying cases in view. Zak is in the large one which holds our deck of the photo table plus our lights which fit into foam holes Ken has cut to cushion them. The case in the bottom foreground will hold our camera gear which we'll take as "carry on" luggage. The remaining case (not seen) is actually a gun case but holds our light stands and poles. Plus probably the drill driver which is heavy.

Apparently, we'll have to take our batteries on board with us. Wish we could take Zak . . .

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