Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Soggy Road Trip: Texas to Massachusetts!

In Indiana, we were driving through thunderstorms and getting ahead of them, then found a window between storms. One right after the other ... golfball sized hail, Renee said, when she phoned us to let us know we were in for a spot of bad weather on the way to Fishers IN, where she and her husband Jack live. Renee is Ken's cousin (his mother and her mother are sisters). So while Ken was driving, I took this shot of the storm behind us.

Renee found a tarp, oil cloth, a yoga mat, foam for anvil cases and an exercise mat to cover our car -- "this thunderstorm included hail" was the warning on the weather station. I backed the car up to the garage as per Renee's instructions, then we went inside for some of the best clam chowder I've ever had. Both Ken and I were "under the weather" (ha, ha): me with bronchitis from 6 days ago and he must have contracted it from me, coming down with symptoms two days ago. That made the chowder, family and being taken care of with orders to go to bed early just the thing we needed to get back on our feet the next morning.

Here is Renee and Jack's living/dining area and you can see out into their screened in porch. Beautiful garden in back with frogs croaking and birds singing through the rain. The perfect place to recover. Their magnificent new floor is tigerwood. I felt like we were back in Japan: clean, minimalist, beautiful, perfect color compliments to the warmth of the wood floor and some blues to bring it out. We took our shoes off in the foyer and stayed in our socks the rest of the evening. Renee cooked us a wonderful breakfast the next morning. And the next morning we were still coughing but well rested and ready for the next adventure.

Rain. All day. We've had 700 miles of rain. What kind of pictures can I take in this? And we're in new country! But it was lush farmland, and Ohio has lovely topography with rolling hills. More tomorrow.


  1. Hope you're having better weather today, nice photo of the wall cloud though. And beautiful shot of the living room, such warm colors. :)

  2. Helmi & Ken,

    We're all missing you so much already and hope you're OK we had hoped to hear from you when you reached your destination towards home last night. Can't wait to see the pictures of your visit since my camera didn't get any good ones and I have some interesting news for you about our regional show as well I'm sure you'll find fastinating! LOL Call me sweetie!
    Love you both :-)
    Keira , truong & Ken's new Wranglerets Malina and soon to be tall enough Serina