Monday, June 1, 2009

Welcome to Massachusetts

Photo by Truong Nguyen

Keira Nguyen sent me this image that her husband took to welcome Ken and I to Massachusetts! We leave today to drive the 2,000 miles up to the TICA Mysticats Show in Fitchburg, MA, 6-7 June 2009. Generously, Keira and Truong Nguyen will be hosting us at their home while we're there. We will also be holding a Salon for private sittings after the show on Tuesday. Both Ken and I are looking forward to this road trip as we will be seeing part of the United States we've never seen before! Plus, we'll be staying with family along the way there and on the way home again. I'll be meeting some cat breeders face-to-face with whom I've only corresponded via email and plan on photographing some great cats in the Northeast Region!

Thank you, Keira and Rene Knapp for inviting us. We are so pumped!

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  1. And we are pumped to be able to have you in Fitchburg, Mass! I'm looking forward to having you photograph 3 of my Maine Coons.