Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cat Fancy Cover - September 2009

Above is my image sent in to BowTie for consideration in the Russian Blue issue of Cat Fancy magazine.

Below is the cover of Cat Fancy, September 2009 issue:
So here you have it: my latest Cat Fancy magazine cover - The Russian Blue. The Russian Blue on the cover is GC, RW; IW SBC Valnika Silverstone "Stony" brought to me for photographs by Valarie and Willy Williamson. The actual shot had a magenta background but the art department must have changed it out to a brown -- I have no idea why. The image was also flipped, but that's understandable. I thought that my original background would have been more eye-catching, especially if the art department had used the green of the eyes for CAT FANCY -- but who is to reason with Art Departments!

Still, I am pleased to have the cover -- tickled to death, actually! There is also another image of Stony inside the article on Russian Blues. Congratulations to Valarie and Willy Williamson!


  1. I love this photo! We have one of Stony's sons and we can really see our little boy's gorgeous face in his dad's features. :-)

  2. Thank you, Leslie, for posting! How lovely you have one of Stony's offspring.