Friday, August 28, 2009

I Got Flowers!

Before a Big Cat Show, like the TICA Annual coming up, I get a little short-tempered. And if I have to sew cases for pipe-and-drape, or hem new backgrounds, that cuts into my retouching time and publisher's deadlines, so I am afraid I am not as "zen-like" as I'd like to be. Ken knows this (probably better than I do), so he brought me flowers this morning to stave off the beast!

Since the beauty of flowers is so transitory and they die, a photograph "is forever" they say, so I will keep the memory close to my heart -- and hopefully keep a civil tongue -- while the blooms are alive. If I forget, I have the photographs! I'm smiling already. :)


  1. Uhmmm, flowers from Ken? Check the garage, I smell a 72" flat screen TV nearby.

  2. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL flowers, Helmi! Good job, Ken! ;) Remember, cat shows are fun!