Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cats on Glass

This piece of art glass by Joan Baker Designs was my Christmas present from Ken. It measures 10.5 inches by 37.5 inches and is framed in metal with a chain for hanging. It's called "Whimsical Cats" !

Ken got it for me from Darlene's store, Cats Unlimited, here in Bedford, Texas. You might have seen Darlene at cat shows around the country, selling quality cat paraphenalia. When a cat show is over, both we and Darlene have much to do to get packed up and loaded into our vehicles. This is a process that takes us all several hours so it's either Darlene out last or Ken and me. Ken and I kinda judge our progress by Darlene's progress. :)

If you want to see some of these items in person at Cats Unlimited in Bedford, I have contact information in another post:

Neither Ken nor I decorate our house with cat things so this piece is the exception to the rule. We prefer the cats themselves to be what catches our eye ... but this piece of art is like a stained glass window with four colorful heavy-lidded cats in various poses. As I sit at my email computer in my studio (I have my image computer in another room entirely), I can look out onto our "patio" area below this piece of glass and see the squirrels and cardinals, woodpeckers, doves and little chickadees eating black oil sunflower seeds and wild bird seed. So it's perfect: adds color to the room but doesn't obscure my peeking out at the wildlife.

Here is a long shot of what the piece looks like in the studio. You can see the chain at the top. You can also see Quin, our Black Smoke Maine Coon, napping on the sheepskin covering a footstool below the stained glass and a tiny bit of Zak, our Blue and White Maine Coon is napping on my desk in the foreground at right. Sky, our Blue British Shorthair is part of my desktop screen saver so the only one not present is Nox, our Black British Shorthair, who prefers sleeping in the living room or atop my dressing area.

The pyramid shaped orange thing in the middle of the photo is the top part of a salt lamp that Sassia and Rick Hollenberg gave us when we stayed with them after doing a CFA Show in Phoenix some years ago. It looks like a "whatzit" (read: what is that?) floating on top of my monitor but it actually is sitting on top of my PC tower computer located behind my monitor, constantly emitting an aura of ... what exactly was that supposed to do, Sassia? Good luck? Productivity enhancements? Anyway, whatever it does, I like it and feel good about it!

I am pleased with the placement of the stained glass. I can see it every day, it's not intrusive but makes me smile when I see the light shining through, and we don't use these doors anyway.

A wonderful gift of humorous graphic cats that brightens my day.

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  1. I just love your newest stain glass of the kitties! I guess I'll to come by and see it when I do a photo session. Love, Kathleen