Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Cat Images on Popular Photography's Website

Above: Toyger on Claret Background

Above: Oriental Shorthair on Magenta Background

Above: Maine Coon on Imperial Blue Background

Above: Japanese Bobtail on Paprika Background

Above: Family of Maine Coons on Imperial Blue Background

Above: F1 and F2 Bengal Kittens on Peat Moss Background

Above: Persian on Purple Background

Above: Abyssinian on Sage Background

Above: Selkirk Rex Longhair on Purple Background

Above: Chausie on Black Background with Marbles

Above: Bengal on Peat Moss Background with Driftwood

Above: Maine Coon from Japan on Burgundy Background

Above: Birman on Periwinkle Background

Above: Maine Coon on Peat Moss Background

Above: Persian on Green Felt Background

Above: Savannah on Serval on Rusty Brown Background

Above: Birman on Milk Chocolate Background

Above: Himalayan Kitten on Teal Background in Crystal Bowl

Above: Ragdoll Close Up on Caribe Blue Background

Above: Tonkinese on Imperial Blue Background

Above are the 20 images I sent to Popular Photography to support the Interview on "Cat Photographer." www.popphoto.com/cats


  1. the oriental shorthaIr, the japanese bobtail, and the abyssinian are my favorites today. i especially love the way the backgrounds add to the tone and mood and balance in these photos.

  2. Simply OUTSTANDING photographs Helmi!

  3. Outstanding pics! I have use the Oriental one for my FB fan page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Oriental-Cat/222964494381876?sk=wall If you don't want to, just post!

  4. Ravenkellie ... you may not use my images without a photo credit or negotiating a license usage fee. This is how I make my living and you are figuratively stealing my work. If you want to use my photo of an Oriental as your fan page profile picture, email me privately at helmi@helmiflick.com .. otherwise you are in violation of my copyright. Thank you for the compliment but my images are not free.