Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Beginning :)

Hi! This is my first blog. I am Helmi Flick and I am a cat photographer.

My husband, Ken, and I have photographed cats in the States, Canada, Japan and Germany. Ken is my cat wrangler and lighting guy.

Currently, we have a house guest, Michael Broad, who is the creator of . Michael came with us to TICA's Thunderkatz cat show in Oklahoma City, OK, this past weekend, after which we visited Kathrin and Martin Stucki of A1 Savannahs on a ranch outside of Ponca City, Oklahoma, here in the States.

I'll be uploading the images from the Thunderkatz show to my image computer today and picking out applicable poses for Michael to use on his website. He seemed to have a ball making little movies with his camera at the cat show and during photo sessions in the Photography Room.

I will upload some cat images to my blog in the days to come when I have some spare time but in the meantime, I'll upload some of my favorite shots from past shows.


  1. I so glad I found your Blog. I have always admired your photos in Cat Fancy Magazine and some on some of the breeders websites. I hope you keep adding photos here, they really magnify the beauty of a cat.

  2. Thank you, crazykittykat1! I plan to add some photos from the various cat shows we've done after I get the trip and other items of interest blogged. Your words are an inspiration to me. :)