Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mysticoon William Wallace

This Maine Coon boy, RW, SGCA Mysticoon William Wallace ("Will") was bred by Muriel Kay Heimer of Mysticoon Cattery in Florida and belongs to a good friend of mine, Ginny Padgette. In the spring of 2006, Ginny and Will flew down to our house and we all drove together to do a cat show in South Texas. Ginny exhibited Will and Ken and I did the cat photography. We stayed in the guest cottage of our long-time friends, Lou and Brenda Cabaza, who live in San Antonio.

It was interesting to watch how at ease Will was with strangers. This big boy (and he is large!) allowed Lou to hold him and stroke him, having never met him before. He charmed everyone he met... and still does!

On the way home, Ginny, Ken and I stopped north of Austin to shoot wildflowers in the early morning. Will was an excellent traveller and companion during the whole time he was with us.

Background fabric color for Will: Peat Moss.

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