Friday, May 1, 2009

American Bobtail Kittens

I think all kittens are cute. These two came from Bonnie and John Charvat's Autum Sun Cattery in Tennessee and were at Ellen R. Brenner's Beloved Bobtails Cattery in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, where Ken and I did some environmental shots for Cat Fancy magazine.

These kittens were not chosen for Cat Fancy's breed profile on the American Bobtail but were still published as they were used for Autum Sun Bobtails and Beloved Bobtails ad.


  1. These kittens are just gorgeous and what a pretty photo. Love the curly chest on the one kitten.

  2. Thanks, Diana! Environmental shots aren't really my specialty but this desk was in Ellen Brenner's house and the kittens were there ... so Ken and I took that opportunity to do some photography unlike our usual studio shots. Thank you for your comment, Sweetie ... means a lot coming from a photographer and cat lover!