Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Egyptian Mau Prancing

Cat Fancy is profiling the Egyptian Mau breed this month. In the centerfold is RW, SGC Maullenium Luke Mauwalker, a Silver Spotted Male, bred by Dot Mardulier of Maullenium. Luke has beautiful gooseberry green eyes which aren't obvious in this pose.

Here are Luke's achievements in the show ring:
TICA's Best Egyptian Mau Internationally 2006-2007
TICA SE Region's 19th Best Kitten 2006-2007
TICA SE Region's 11th Best Cat 2006-2007
TICA SE Region's 6th Best SH Cat 2006-2007
TICA SE Region's Best Egyptian Mau 2006-2007

You can see more images of Luke and more Egyptian Maus on Dot Mardulier's website: http://www.maullenium.com/

Background fabric for Luke: Purple.

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