Friday, May 8, 2009

A BowTie Kind of a Day

BowTie is the publisher of Cat Fancy, Cats USA, Kittens USA, Cats and The Popular Cat Series of magbooks. The editor of Kittens USA put out a call for images to be considered for the cover of the 2011 issue, due today, which I've been working on, pulling contenders for the breeds they specified from my archives and then retouching them.

But my other BowTie news is that my contract from this publisher arrived today for Cat Fancy magazine's July 2009 issue profiling the American Shorthair breed. I've posted the four images of mine they selected. I have no idea of placement within the magazine but I sized "Champ" (above) for the 11" x 17" foldout poster, just in case they wanted to use him there. UPDATE 12 May 2009: They did! He's the centerfold -- even though Preston Smith, a good friend of ours and a cat photographer, informed me yesterday that he erronously got the credit for it. I'll have to write to Cat Fancy, once I get my copy of the magazine.

Champ was brought to me by Linda Husbands, the owner, for a studio shoot in my home. Champ's full name is Yankee Star Champagne on Ice and he is a Cream Classic Tabby and White American Shorthair Male, 6 months old at the time of this photograph.

The other three images were:

Ginger Brown's three young kittens, from left to right: Ginfree Phoenix, Ginfree Little Miss Sunshine, and Ginfree Lexus, Breeder/Owner: Ginger Brown) photographed at TICA's 2007 Southeast Regional in Raleigh NC:
Poppy Schofield's "Wiley" (Kelloggs Whole Lotta Love, 5 month old Black Silver Classic Tabby Male Kitten, Breeders: Heinrich & Carly Kellogg, Owners: Poppy Schofield & the Kelloggs) from the TICA 2008 Annual in Arlington TX:
and Rania Abdin's "Prince Nishan" (IW, SGCA KingofHearts Prince Nishan, 1.7 year old Black Silver Classic Tabby Neuter, Breeder: Ann Marie Walters/Owner: Rania Abdin) from TICA's 2007 TIFS cat show in Corpus Christi TX:

Background fabric color for Champ: Chocolate.
Background for Phoenix, Little Miss Sunshine & Lexus: Caribe.
Background fabric for Wiley: Magenta.
Background fabric for Prince Nishan: Imperial Blue.

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