Wednesday, May 27, 2009


ColoradoPixies G Jonson, a 7 month old Brown Spotted Tabby Pixie-Bob Male kitten, Breeder: Marilyn Trenk of ColoradoPixies Cattery in Chocotah, Oklahoma.

Background fabric for G Jonson: Honey.

Here is Blake holding Caprock Legends Okatoma of Red River Bobis, a 2 month old Brown Spotted Tabby Pixie-Bob Male kitten, which I submitted to Abdo Publishing for a children's book. Blake holding Okatoma was photographed at TICA's Turkish Van cat show in Waxahachie, Texas, last November, 2008. This is the shot that Abdo Publishing chose for the book to illustrate the gentleness of this breed. Plus, I think they liked the absence of Blake's front teeth! Kids should certainly identify with this image.

An older version of Caprock Legends Okatoma of Red River Bobis is shown above. Here, he is 7 months old, brought to me for photographs by Maranda Hull of Red River Bobis located in Boswell, Oklahoma. Look closely and you will see that his front paws are not touching the deck. All his balance is on his hind legs! Okatoma is a shorthaired Pixie-Bob. He was photographed this past weekend at TICA's KansasKatz cat show in Wichita, Kansas.

Background fabric for Okatoma: Peat Moss.

Above, is Norsepixiebobs Odin, a 5 month old Longhaired Brown Spotted Tabby Pixie-Bob Male kitten brought to me by Mark and Janet Arnold of Sooner Pixie-Bobs, Moore, Oklahoma. Note the polydactyl feet and the heavy brow ... a look I love in the Pixie-Bob! Odin was also photographed at the KansasKatz cat show in Wichita, Kansas.

NOTE: when photographing Pixie-Bobs, it is very important that their head is not held too high. Otherwise, the brow will not be obvious. Ken wrangles the Pixie-Bob to look just below the lens of the camera so the brow will be apparent. Breeders have told me that the Pixie-Bob should look "worried." And this kitten fits the bill. He may look unhappy but that is the effect of the brow!

Background fabric for Blake holding Okatoma as well as Odin: Claret.

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