Thursday, May 28, 2009

KOT - Cat Magazine in Poland

I have the cover for the June issue of KOT magazine! This is MoJo, an 8 week old Serval kitten brought to me by Teri Redding of JuJuKatz, some years ago. KOT is published in Poland and is a very elegant and stylish cat magazine. The staff at the magazine are wonderful and my contact there, Monika, speaks and writes amazingly good English. I just wish I could read the magazine!

"Kot" is the Polish word for cat, as you may have guessed ... and probably the only Polish word I know. Thank goodness for Monika!!

The above cover image is one of four photos of mine that the magazine used for a feature article on Savannahs. Another one was one of my personal favorites, the image below of Callie and Mary, also brought to me by Teri Redding of JuJuKats. Callie, on the bottom is one week younger than Mary, the Savannah, who is resting on her shoulders.

Thanks to KOT's interest in my work, I find myself a regular contributor to their classy magazine.

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