Sunday, May 31, 2009

Abyssinian Kittens

Below you can see three Blue Aby and three Ruddy Aby kittens, most of whom were not the least bit interested in Ken's tease!
Background fabric for the Aby kittens: Charcoal.


  1. One of the blue Aby's is my little girl we got from OhMy. How fun to see her on your post! You are amazing, what an eye you have! Thank you! Sheryl Landstrom of CatsRun .

  2. Sheryl, I have to tell you how jealous I am of you having one of these Blue OhMy Abys! An Aby kitten in your household ... what fun! I hope you're taking loads of pictures. You'll value them when she is older. You couldn't have a more receptive and caring breeder in my opinion. You certainly have increased the liveliness and enjoyment in your home! Thanks for commenting, Sheryl. :)

  3. Love your capture of the difference in their reactions. Beautiful and funny.