Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mainstream Publishing!

I am so pumped! I just got notification that one of my images will be published in Scientific American. It is the photo, above. The article will be on the domestication of the cat. They chose IW/SGC HMS Prescott of Chaucer "Scottie" who was TICA's 2008 Alter of the Year (British Shorthair) and is owned by Jeane Camarena and her daughter, Stephanie. The breeder is Harley DeVilbiss of HMS Cattery. When I find out the date of the publication, I will amend this post with that information.

National Geographic for Kids will be using four of my images of hybrid cats. A couple of years ago, I got the cover of Time for Kids (a weekly, during the school year) so I'm rounding out my collection with magazines like this that are not just dedicated to cats!

Background fabric color for Scottie: Magenta.

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