Monday, May 4, 2009

Texas Star Bengal Kitten Shoot

Stacy Hansen's Texas Star Bengal kittens were photographed today in my studio. We had a wonderful time with them! They were responsive, curious, and overall good models. The above kittens are 8 weeks old and the ones on the outside are F1s. The center girl is an SBT and eligible to be exhibited in the showhall once she reaches 4 months of age. On the left is F1 TexasStar Gypsy and on the right is F1 TexasStar Dallas. What sweet girls they were. Ken had an easy time of it, wrangling these cuties.

Background fabric color: Peat Moss.


  1. The Bengal cat is a beautiful cat that is a cross between a domestic cat and the Asian leopard cat. It has beautiful markings that are similar to those of the wild Asian leopard, with stripes and other marks adding to their appearance.

    Asian Leopard cats

  2. You are partly correct, Treva. The Rosettes are the marks in the pattern of the coat that most quickly defines a Bengal.