Tuesday, May 26, 2009

TICA KansasKatz Show - 23-24 May 2009

Here is our shooting room just outside of the showhall at the TICA KansasKatz cat show. This was the first cat show held by this club and was a success! You can see our shooting table on the right which has our Periwinkle background hung. My administrative table is at the left, just out of view and Ken's table with his cat teases is at the lower left corner.

And here we have a Pixie-Bob. A Pixie-Bob is always a Brown Spotted Tabby with ticking in between the spots. If any of you Gentle Readers are not familiar with ticking, just think of a squirrel's coat or a rabbit's. The hair shaft is banded. Above you see ColoradoPixies G Jonson, a 7 month old Brown Spotted Tabby Pixie-Bob Male, brought to us by his Breeder: Marilyn Trenk of ColoradoPixies Cattery. G Johnson has lovely eye color and striking "mascara" (the mucus membranes on his upper and lower eyelids) which are dark and set off his golden eyes. Tomorrow I'll post a shot of the back of this boy and you can see the ocelli ("Night eyes") on the back of his ears. I'll also load up a shot of a long haired Pixie-Bob and another shorthaired one.

Background fabric for G Jonson: Honey.

This was the KansasKatz Showhall before most of the exhibitors had started setting up their cages on Friday, 22 May 2009. It was in the Beech Aircraft Activity Center in Wichita, Kansas.

During the cat show, Ken and I stayed with my cousin John and his wife, Carmen, who live in Wichita. On Memorial Day, the cousins held a family reunion and I was able to see family I hadn't seen in 50 years! What a great time we had. They even came to the cat show! I'll post some pictures of that event later in the week.


  1. Nice Pixiebob!

    Are you sure that is Periwinkle? It looks like your purple or orchid.

  2. You're right, Preston. I think that's our Purple. We used Purple and Periwinkle at the show and I wasn't sure which one this was when I looked at the image a few days later. The image was underexposed -- after correcting, the background looks lighter than our Purple! We didn't use our Orchid at the show. Thanks for catching that mistake.