Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This is Krystofer, a Cream Mackerel Tabby British Shorthair male kitten. He was shot reaching for the cat tease that Ken was holding over his head to coax him to stand up on his hind legs. It is not often I've seen a cat reach for a tease with both arms; usually, the cat uses one arm or the other, sometimes even his mouth! I was lucky with this shot because I was prefocused, ready for the final click of the shutter when the Brit was upright. I usually shoot about three of this pose to get one good one. The face has to be visible (often, one arm or ther other will be in front of the face) and preferably, not looking up at the ceiling -- otherwise that's just a shot of the chin! Many things have to be "right" with this pose to make it a useable image.

Krystofer was brought to me by D'Ann Kovic and Maricia Munden of Inkblotz British Shorthairs in Plano, Texas, for the photo session. He was shot at TICA's Mission City cat show in New Braunfels, Texas, USA, in April of 2006.

Background fabric color: Teal.

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